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Review: S.H.Figuarts EX – Skullboilder

I’ll be honest, I was never excited for this thing, and my excitement was flushed down the drain even further when I got Hardboilder and found out how much it sucked. Unfortunately, this thing sucks even more. I suppose it’s not the bike’s fault exactly, the Hardboilder’s mold was actually okay, and with the Skullboilder being an all black repaint of it would technically take one of the main flaws of the Hardboilder (lack of painted detail) more understandable, but as it stands, the Skullboilder just doesn’t hold it’s own.

It has no Tamashii Stage. Normally I don’t really care, but every exclusive bike to date came with a really snazzy looking stand. The only thing this fuck comes with is that same little circle of nonsense that Hardboilder came with. It could at least have Skull’s logo on it. I has sad face.

In a way, the bike does top Hardboilder. It’s the same decent mold, but instead of plain green flat piece, it’s actually painted in (mostly) glossy black paint, which gives off the impression of metal a lot better, and reminds me a lot of the metallics used in Machine Tornador. In that aspect it’s a plus, but there are certain things that I still have a problem with. I understand that the bike in the movie was just a repaint of the Hardboilder chasis, but it just makes the damn thing look plain. Painting the “W” black does NOT make it go away. It has no reason to be there. Get rid of it. Decorate the front with a skull or something. It also doesn’t help that the bike is too big. The scale is just a little bit off. I want to like it, considering how much I paid, but as it is, it’s just a waste.

So yeah, don’t get it unless you are a huge fan of Skull and MUST HAVE BIKE. If you loved the Hardboilder for some reason, you might like the Skullboilder too, but as it stands, as an exclusive repaint without an exclusive Tamashii Stage, it’s just not worth it at all. Save up for something worthwhile like Guard Chaser or something.

Check out a photo gallery of Skullboilder here:

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