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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider AccelTrial

S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider AccelTrial

Another month passed, another round of exclusive releases from Tamashii Web Shop. For November we had AccelTrial and Machine Decader. Today, we take a look at AccelTrial, the speedy form of everyone’s favorite cop with gay tendencies and infatuation towards dolphins. Accel was a really nice Figuart, particularly due to the metallic red paint. Needless to say, AccelTrial is no exception.

He comes boxed in a standard Figuarts box, this time colored in a light blue, the lettering done in a brilliant white, which looks a lot better than Accel’s secondary silver, had they chosen to follow that route. Fits in with the stack of W boxes perfectly. The front has a picture of AccelTrial, while the back, as always, features multiple shots of the figure.

The figure itself is pretty damn awesome. While he has the same base limb mold as Accel, everything is reminded and updated to suit AccelTrial’s design. The wheel on the back still spins! People bitch about his head being wrong, but it’s good enough to me. I guess I’m not picky enough about my toy figures. Toys. Just like people they aren’t perfect. Chill the fuck out. Anyway, nothing hinders poseability much on this figure. He’s sleek, sculpted fantastic, and the paint is beautiful and metallic. Joints are tight, so I really see no major faults with this figure. His visor, being a nice orange, is now transparent enough to see the speedometer detailing inside.

Accessory wise he comes with eight hands: two for holding the Trial Memory, two for holding the Engine Blade, two relaxed pose, and two stylized pose (one with a thumbs up, and one spread out), a Trial Memory to hold, an Engine Blade (it still opens), and for some reason, an Accel Driver with an Accel Memory in it, despite the fact that it should be empty. At least paint it black and pretend Bandai. Ah well. At least he comes with everything he needs, the only other thing it could have possibly came with was a Trial Memory in Memory Mode.

Overall, for W fans, AccelTrial is an amazing addition to the line up. He’s not completely necessary as normal Accel is, but if you are a huge fan of W or Accel, I feel like this is a must have for the collection. Between the beautiful paint job, the great sculpt, and the overall awesomeness of the figure, no sane person should be disappointed with this release. Accept it, enjoy it, love it. Good day.

Check out a photo gallery by the awesome Shishioh HERE.

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