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Review: Power Rangers Samurai – Retrofire Zeo Megazord & Titan Megazord

Blast from the past a bit here, both in topic, and toys. These were originally released quite a few months ago, but I never got around to reviewing them. With the recent release of the Samurai Megazord, I thought it was fair to give these guys a look. They both came packed in the circular tube packages that the Jungle Pride Megazord and Delta Squad Megazord came in. The Zeo Megazord, like the Jungle Pride & Delta Squad, was a release originally planned for the MMPR revival, that was ultimately never released. The Titan Megazord is a re-release, originally released in the second wave of RPM Retrofires (alongside Valvemax Megazord and the Thundersaurus Megazord). Each are available at Toys R Us for $14.99 a piece.

Zeo Megazord: Ultimately the better of the two. There’s a swivel missing in the shoulder, and the toy lacks elbows in both arms. Despite that, the overall look is fairly accurate to the show, and it’s nice seeing an oddball Megazord like Zeo getting some recognition, as it really is a nice, pretty coherent design. Unfortunately thanks to the joints, you can’t get any decent poses that aren’t pretty vanilla. He also seems to be lacking in the paint department compared to his wave-mate. I really like it though, all things considered. Considering THIS is your only real alternative, this figure is actually pretty nice.

Titan Megazord: Fail on multiple levels. Keeping in mind that THIS was released back when Mystic Force was on the air, AND features more articulation than this toy, it’s just really hard to justify the price tag for this one. The toy has no heavy articulation for the wings, has no swivels in the shoulders, no elbow joints, and some really weird hand molding, it just fails in comparison to a toy released in 2006. Four to five years of engineering advancements shouldn’t downgrade a toy. Also considering you can import the Super Robot Chogokin MagiKing seen HERE, this figure fails even further. Granted, the SRC will run you about $45 before shipping on average, it’s a much better figure than this release. I’d even recommend hunting down the 2006 Mystic Force figure over this release.

Overall, I can’t recommend these toys for $14.99. The Zeo Megazord is easily a better purchase, given the slightly improved articulation, and the fact that the Zeo Megazord hasn’t seen a toy in years. It’s actually pretty neat. The Titan Megazord however fails on multiple levels, has a BETTER looking toy from Mystic Force’s line, AND is receiving the Super Robot Chogokin treatment over in Japan. If you’re a completist or a huge fan, I can recommend them, but for the casual collector, there’s better Ranger toys to blow $15 on.

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