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Review: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters – Sentai Hero Series 01-03 & Buddyroid Series 01-03

Every year at the beginning of a new Sentai, we’re usually greeted with five Sentai Hero Series vinyl figures of the main heroes. With Go-Busters being a smaller cast of three, something needed to be done to fill in the ranks! To solve this, Bandai created the Buddyroid Series, three vinyl figures of the three Buddyroids of the Go-Busters in the series. The Sentai Hero Series (SHS) consists of 01: Red Buster, 02: Blue Buster, and 03: Yellow Buster. The Buddyroid Series (BRS) consists of 01: Cheeda Nick, 02: Gorisaki Banana, and 03: Usada Lettuce. These toys, being vinyl figures, are in standard vanilla, arms to the side poses. They  include no weapons or accessories. Yes, they lack play value, but their worth lies in being great yet cheap display pieces, as well as being great toys for kids to play with while watching the show. Unlike some of the Rider Hero Series, the Sentai Hero Series include a decent amount of paint, and some pretty impressive helmet sculpts. The BRS figures are the same way, with Nick being impressive all around, in both mold and paint. Scaling is certainly off a slight bit, but that aside, they look really nice on display. At $7-10 a pop, I can certainly recommend getting the ones you want, or even all six. As a huge fan of Go-Busters, having these is certainly cool, and help round out the collection. It’s Time for Buster!

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