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Review: Morphin Brace – Buster Gear Series 01 (Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters)


It’s rare when a Sentai Changer debuts and absolutely blows me away the first time I see it. Well, the Morphin Brace did. I was intrigued by the design, the glasses concept, as well the design in general, being in a spy motif. I managed to snag one from AmiAmi in the wee hours of the morning, and I have to say, it delivers. The look of the toy is great. It fits in the futuristic spy motif, has all the details from the show, and some pretty fun functions. To change functions you turn the dial, and to activate, you push the button. You swap between “Go-Busters!”, Call Mode (15 Buddyroid Phrases), “Let’s Driving!”, Analyze Mode, “It’s Time for Buster!” (Final Attack Mode), and Game Mode. There is also a Special Mode when you spin the dial a bunch, that says one of seven random phrases. Press the button on the front to activate “It’s Morphin’ Time!” and press again to hear the transformation sound. The device sits on a plastic strap that can fit most wrists, but your milage may very on that. There honestly isn’t anything I would change for this toy. It’s been a while (since Shinkenger) that we’ve gotten a device that lets us play with all of the features right out of the box. No buying random items to get more gimmicks. It’s all here. No unlocking, no gimmicks, just right out of the box fun. The last time we’ve had a team Brace Changer was Abaranger, and that was 2003! Of course, we did get some along the line, like the Brace Throttle, GoGo Changer, Gong Changer, and the Shift Changer, but it’s been a long time since we’ve seen the base team use a brace. If you’re a fan, I see no reason to skip this. It’s a fun little changer filled with a lot of sounds, a sleek look, and all around fun. Highly, highly recommended.

Call Mode

Cheeda Nick

• “Ohayou! Saa, okite okite!” – “Good morning! Getting up now!”
• “Yaa! Ore wa Nikku. Kimi no namae wa?” – “Hi there! I’m Nick. What’s your name?”
• “Oukee! Sugu iku. Tokorode, michi wo oshiete kurenai ka?” – “Okay! Let’s go right away! By the way, can you show me the way?”
• “Warattewaratte! Namida nanka furiharare!” – “Laugh, laugh! Shake off those tears!”
• “Shutsudou meireida. Tobasu zo!” – “Orders to move out! Let’s drive fast!”

Gorisaki Banana

• “Ohayou…gomen. Tabun asada.” –  “Good morning…sorry. Maybe morning.”
• “Koko wa ore ni makasete kurenai ka? Eh? Dame ka…haa…” – “Here, why not leave it to me? Eh? I’m useless…or…”
• “Kyou mo gohan wo nokosazu taberareta ka?” – “Did you eat your rice before before leaving today?”
• “Kimi ga genki nara kitto ore mo genki ni nareru.” – “I hope I can become energetic and healthy like you!”
• “Gomen. 100 percent ryoukai shita…” – “Sorry. I agree 100%.”

Usada Lettuce

• “Ohayou. Tokubetsu dai saabisu de okoshita yo!” – “Good morning! Wake up for the special big service!”
• “Sora kara ikki ni kougeki suru yo.” – “I’ll attack from the sky at once!”
• “Raja rabitto!” – “Roger, Rabbit!”
• “Usada wa shitteru. Kimi ga tsuyoitte koto!” – “I (Usada) know(s). You can be strong too!”
• “Maiban shikkari hamigaki shiteru?” – “Have you been using toothpaste (brushing your teeth) every night?”

Game Mode

• “Mission! Shijidoorini mawase!” – “Your Mission! Do as I say!”

• 0 Correct: “Zannen! Let’s try again! Mouichido challenge!” – “No good! Let’s try again! Try the challenge once more!”
• 1 Correct: “Oh! Practice, practice! Renshuu shiyou!” – “Oh! Practice, practice! Keep practicing!”
• 2-3 Correct: “Great! Sugoi! Atomousukoshi! Ganbare! Come on!” – “Great! Wow! A little more! Good luck! Come on!”
• 4 Correct: “Good job! Yokudekimashita! Yokudekimashita!” – “Great job! Well done! Well done!”
• 5 Correct: “Excellent! Great! Cool na Super Sentai Soul wo Kanjiruzo!” – “Excellent! Great! I feel your cool Super Sentai Soul!”

Special Mode

• “Mottomawase! Turn turn!” – “Keep turning! Turn Turn!”

• “Good morning! Genki ni ohayou!” – “Good morning! Have a great morning!”
• “Good night! Oyasumi!” – “Good night! (Good) night!”
• “Happy New Year! Akemashite omedetou!” – “Happy New Year! Happy new year!”
• “Happy Birthday! Tanjoubi omedetou!” – “Happy Birthday! Happy birthday!”
• “Thank you very much! Kansha no kokro wo wasurenaide!” – “Thank you very much! I thank you from my heart (My heart won’t forget this)!”
• “Ichi kara jyuu made eierukana? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!” – “Can you count from one to ten? One…”
• “Super Hero Time!”

Feel free to use the translations for your own reviews, just please give me credit! Also, feel free to point out any errors I might have made. I did this entirely off Google Translate, some dictionaries, and my own memory, so it might be off here or there.

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