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Review: Ichigan Buster – Buster Gear Series 02 (Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters)

If you take a look at my Sentai and Power Rangers collection, you’ll notice my collection is focused on Morphers/Changers, Megazords/Mecha, and action figures. I get weapons if they entice me, or provide me with a stupid gimmick I want, but other than that, I usually avoid them. I was all ready to pass on the Go-Busters weapons until I took a closer look at them. I was hooked. I’m still not keen on the Sougan Blade, but the Ichigan Buster is a gun weapon that acts as a single lens reflex camera. I’m no pro-photographer, nor do I even know much about cameras, but the concept was just cool to me. In camera mode you press the button, makes a shutter click. Turn the dial to access zoom mode, which makes a deeper sounding shutter click. Press the “OK” button on the back to extend the handle, and press the button on the left side to swing the lens around to form the gun mode. Here, pull the trigger for a ammo shot. Turn the dial to get “It’s Time For Buster!” followed by a large attack noise. The toy judges which “Special Buster” sound to play by what pins are pressed down on the base where the lens sits. There are seven possible combinations, with only four different sounds achievable.

•–: Heavy Fire Sound
-•-: Standard Fire Sound
–•: Sword Sound
••-: Sougan Blade Sound
-••: Nothing (this is the pin combo the default lens uses)
•-•: Strong Sword/Blast Sound
•••: Standard Fire Sound

Overall, the Ichigan Buster is a great main weapon for a team of covert ops agents. This series has a great dual gadget/weapon system working, and I really dig it. I wish the handle was a bit longer to be more comfortable for some of the older audience, but they did what they had to to make the best looking camera mode possible. Highly recommended. One of my favorite base weapons to come about in recent shows. Look forward to seeing what other toys will eventually combine with this thing.

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