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Review: D-Arts – Dukemon (Gallantmon)

D-Arts – Dukemon (Gallantmon)
Standard Retail – August Release – ¥4,800

After Beelzebumon’s rather abysmal selling record, Tamashii finally decided to give it another shot with the release of Dukemon, otherwise known as Gallantmon in the US. Dukemon was the Ultimate (Mega) Level form of Guilmon as seen in Digimon Tamers, plus a number of other Digimon timelines. Dukemon was released in August for a whopping ¥4,800. Despite the price, he’s still a fantastic release. At the core, Dukemon reminds me a lot of Omegamon, but with a tighter, more defined build. Despite being both slim and bulky with his armor, the figure has little articulation issues. The biggest problem I have with the figure is the typical giant plastic cape Tamashii throws our way. It’s a bit of an issue when posing, and makes the figure back heavy when trying to stand without the Tamashii Stage. The cape however is in two pieces with a split down the middle, so posing is possible, albeit a bit awkward. The paint used, particularly the pearly silver on his body, is absolutely beautiful, and really helps define the figure as the best Digimon release yet. Dukemon includes his lance (Gram), his shield (Aegis), an additional arm for use with the shield, two alternate hands, and a large, round Tamashii Stage. The Tamashii Stage includes the large ratchet leg, letting it support Dukemon’s weight easier than the pole that came with Omegamon. I’m not a huge fan of stages, but it lets you get some pretty awesome poses. If you’re a fan of Dukemon, Tamers, or Digimon in general, this is a must have figure. Easily the best Digimon figure the line offers, and is just great all in all. I absolutely love it.

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