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Review: MegaBloks Power Rangers Samurai – Micro Figure Series 1

MegaBloks Power Rangers Samurai – Micro Figure Series 1
Blindpack Releases – $2.99 at Most Major Retailers

For a list of all available Micro Figures, and how to get them, check out my list here!

For a list of manufacturer codes for Series 1 & 2 Blindpacks, check out the list here!

MegaBloks makes a ton with their blind packs, particularly the Halo franchise, so it’s a no brainer that once MegaBloks once again secured the Power Ranges license, that blind packs were soon to follow. The first set was released quite a while ago, and can still be found regularly at your local toy stores. Each pack retails for roughly $2.99 depending on the store. The first series includes Battle Damaged Samurai Blue Ranger, Deker Human Form, Metallic Samurai Gold Ranger, Training Mode Green Ranger, Mooger, Mega Mode Pink Ranger, Translucent Samurai Red Ranger, and Training Mode Red Ranger. Each figure comes with their associated weapon and a MegaBloks brick to stand on. The second set is just now hitting shelves. Based upon the Marvel and Halo sets, you should be able to find some Series 1 left over while Series 2 hits the shelves, so if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon and want to collect these little guys, it should be easy to do so. To make collecting easier, MegaBloks adds serial codes imprinted onto the packaging. They’re hard to see sometimes, but they’re located on the back of the package, on the right hand side. Check out the code list linked to in this post to figure out which codes will net you which figure. As a building toy fanatic and a PR fan, these were great for me. If you decide to collect, happy hunting!
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