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Review: Gosei Great Megazord (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Gosei Great Megazord
$34.99 ($39.99 at some TRU Locations)

Samurai, after two years of product and show, is finally on its way out, to make room for the next series, Power Rangers Megaforce, an adaption of (at the moment) Tensou Sentai Goseiger. As with any new show, we get a slew of new Zords. First up is the Gosei Great Megazord, Bandai America’s take on the…Gosei Great…of Goseiger. The naming has come down to this folks. Anyway, this guy has a bit of a price hike from the Samurai Megazords, clocking in at $34.99 at my local Toys R Us. Be warned however, that some Toys R Us locations are ringing this guy up at $39.99. Gosei Great Megazord is comprised of five Mechazords: Dragon, Phoenix, Shark, Tiger, and Snake. Judging by the “Dragon Zord” card showing the Dragon Headder from Goseiger, and other merchandise showing the name “Dragon Mechazord” for the whole body, at the time of this writing I’m assuming the Headders will be called Zords, while the full robots will be Mechazords.

If anyone’s seen Gosei Great, you know what to expect with this toy, as absolutely no functionality has been removed. The main functionality differences lie in the sword, which is now a single piece, stores the helmet, and can not store on the back like the Japanese toy. The neck piece of the Dragon now slides in and out of the Mechazord as opposed to being a separate piece. The helmet is now a separate piece, which used to flip down into the body of the Japanese toy. As you can see, most of the differences are mostly cosmetic cost saving measures. Unlike the Samurai Megazord losing the Emblem Modes, no functionality was lost with Gosei Great Megazord. All five Zords (Headders) are removable and compatible with all ports on the toy. Lastly, Gosei Great Megazord still uses the Zord Builder system established back with the Dino Megazord in 2010. This means that most pieces from the Dino Megazord, as well as a majority of the Samurai toy line can combine with Gosei Great to make some crazy contraptions and formations. While not all pieces will fit in every port, most are compatible in some fashion.

The only flaw with the Gosei Great Megazord is paint applications being pretty sparse. Gosei Great had a fair amount of molded and painted detail, but as normal in the Japan to America transition, it’s lost a lot of detail and paint. That being said, it’s still a really fun toy. If you or your children have a large portion of the Samurai toy line, then this is a great pick up since the Zord Builder functionality adds a lot to it. If you’re looking for a fun, affordable, easy to pick up at retail toy to substitute for the Japanese version, I can easily recommend this as well. You don’t lose much functionality, and it’s actually cheaper after you factor in all the shipping costs from Japan. If detail and accuracy is important to you however, you might want to gun for the Japanese version. Overall, an absolutely terrific toy by Bandai America’s standards, and a great toy to what appears to be a pretty fun toy line.

Next up, the Sea Brothers Zord Vehicle!

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2 thoughts on “Review: Gosei Great Megazord (Power Rangers Megaforce)”

  1. As long as it’s not as shoddy as the Samurai Megazord. When Samurai first came out I was looking forward to getting the Morpher and the Megazord, only to find that BoA butchered both. The only toy they got spot-on was the Shogun buckle and that’s only ‘cos there’s no Japanese toy to compare it to. The Mega Blade, BBM and Bullzooka are okay too I guess.

  2. “absolutely no functionality has been removed. The main functionality differences lie in the sword, which is now a single piece, stores the helmet, and can not store on the back like the Japanese toy.”

    I know this is an old review, but… that’s quite the contradiction. You say that “absolutely no functionality has been removed” only to describe a removed function – sword storage in combined mode – in the very next sentence.

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