Haul: 01-18-13

Today was quite the mega adventure! As some of you may know, I grabbed all the latest Power Rangers Megaforce toys from Amazon.com. Of course, while nearly every toy collector in the fandom was trying, Amazon got a bit overloaded and sold through stock quickly. While I was able to get everything, my orders got split around, and ended up shipping in five boxes. Today, the Armored Ultra Red Ranger, Dragon Morphin Vehicle, Tokyo Vinyl Red Ranger, Tokyo Vinyl Blue Ranger, and the Ranger Deluxe Hand Gear arrived today. This means the Shark and Robo Knight Morphin Vehicle and the Armored Ultra Blue Ranger are still in transit. They’re scheduled to get here Monday, but I’m hoping they get here tomorrow so I can record the reviews on Sunday. Anyway, I went down to Meijer since groceries needed to be bought, and ended up getting a huge haul of the new Pokémon toys. In total I grabbed six of the Basic Figures, and two of the Legendary Figures. The other three Basic Figures don’t appear to be out yet, and I passed on the three Kyurem figures as there are 4-Pack sets coming out that feature the same figures. No point in buying repeats! I will be reviewing the Pokémon toys, I just need a few days to figure out how and when to do them. Also picked up Fright Rider because I have no idea what Skylanders 3-Packs are coming out, and I really want to play as him. Also grabbed an Axew plush because he was on clearance and I wanted more Pokémon toys.

Thanks go Jeff for grabbing the Tepig vs. Pansage set for me, since my Meijer was lacking it.

I am happy.

Friday, January 18th, 2013

01-18-13_1From Amazon.com:
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Ranger Deluxe Hand Gear
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Dragon Morphin Vehicle
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Armored Ultra Red Ranger
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Tokyo Vinyl Red Ranger
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Tokyo Vinyl Blue Ranger

01-18-13_2From Meijer:
• Pokémon – Snivy vs. Panpour
• Pokémon – Pikachu vs. Kyurem
• Pokémon – Tepig vs. Pansage
• Pokémon – Thro vs. Sawk
• Pokémon – Scraggy vs. Yamask
• Pokémon – Oshawott vs. Pansear
• Pokémon – Zekrom (Overdrive)
• Pokémon – Reshiram (Overdrive)
• Pokémon – Axew plushie
• Skylanders Giants – Fright Rider

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