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Review: POP! Television – Mighty Morphin White, Red, & Pink Rangers

POP! Television – Mighty Morphin White, Red, and Pink Rangers
$12.50 at Hot Topic, $10.00 on (Prices will vary by store)


White Ranger at
Red Ranger at
Pink Ranger at
White Ranger at
Red Ranger at
Pink Ranger at

Funko’s POP! line is a line of super deformed vinyl figures that span a wild range of topics from television, movies, comics, musicians, video games, and more. POP! Television has joined in on Power Ranger’s 20th Anniversary by bringing us three of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with their release of the White, Red, and Pink Power Rangers. The only articulation found on these is a rotation at the head. That’s it. However, they make great little desk toys and look terrific with each other. I have a few issues with the paint, particularly on the White Ranger. Despite some paint splotches, the detail on these guys is actually fairly good, and I have to give props for making a pretty nice mold for each of these guys. If you’re looking for fun figures, look elsewhere. But if you’re looking for a cute little desk toy to represent your love for Power Rangers, then these are a great pick up. Price wise, $12.50 is a bit much, but if you can get them for Amazon’s $10 price or even cheaper through a sale like I did, they’re definitely worth it. Looking forward to more POP! Power Rangers releases. Nothing is confirmed right now, but here’s hoping. They’re pretty neat.

Rant time. Is it annoying that the first thing we get is three Rangers from Mighty Morphin? Absolutely. But it’s the original series, the one people are most familiar with, and the one most people are gonna buy. At this point I’m honestly just glad we got White instead of Green. While I would LOVE for POP! to go into series that aren’t Mighty Morphin, I don’t think they will. Hopefully we get the remaining three team members, and maybe Green because why not. Despite my distaste for MMPR related things, I do love these little guys (and gal).

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