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Review: Kaminari Henkei DX Pteraidenoh (Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)

Kaminiari Henkei DX Pteraidenoh
Retail Release – April, 2013 – ¥6,000


Gaburincho! Grab your Pteraidenoh from CSToys International!

New Ranger, New Mecha! Kyoryu Gold has been rescued from Dogold and now fights alongside the Kyoryugers. His Zyudenryu partner is none other than Pteragordon, a golden pteranodon with the power of lightning. He was released in April, 2013 shortly after his debut in the show for ¥6,000. Pteragordon has two forms, his Zyudenryu form, and a humanoid robot form called Pteraidenoh. Pteraidenoh can than combine with Zakutor and Parasagun to become Pteraidenoh Western. Stegotchi, Dricera, and Ankydon can also attach, but the package and instructions does not show them as being an official combination. Finally Pteragordon can combine with Kyoryuzin to form Raiden Kyoryuzin! As Pteragordon, the toy has two sounds: a roar when the button is pressed, and an attack featuring the “Dogoon!” sound effect when the button is held down. As Pteraidenoh, he gains a transformation jingle when the button is pressed, and a Raiden Kyoryuzin transformation jingle when the button is held down. Included with this guy is the Zyudenchi #06: Pteragordon that activates more sounds in the Gaburevolver and Kyoryuzin. While the Zyudenchi can be inserted into Pteragordon’s mouth, it is a simple switch button that activates “Gabunrincho! Pteragoooooordon!” so regardless of what Zyudenchi or item you shove in his mouth, that’s the sound that will play. There is also no Zyudenchi reader (or button) in the arms, so it doesn’t register when anything is inserted into the arm sockets. Overall, the lack of sounds is a bit of a bummer, especially for Pteraidenoh Western (however if he has no jingle in the show, that is forgiven of course). But given how Pteragordon might not be able to utilize all of the Zyudenchi like Gabutyra can in the show, that aspect is probably forgiven as well. As a stand alone toy, Pteraidenoh is really fun in both Zyudenryu and Pteraidenoh modes. If you have Kyoryuzin, this is almost a must have, as the combination with Kyoryuzin into Raiden Kyoryuzin is massive and impressive. If you have the other Zyudenryu, then picking this up is pretty much a no brainer, but the Western combination doesn’t do much for looks and does nothing for sounds, so that isn’t a huge factor in the decision making process. Great stand alone toy with even more functionality when added with Kyoryuzin. Great continuation to a great toy line so far.

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