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Review: 4″ Metallic Force Power Rangers (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Power Rangers Megaforce – Metallic Force Power Rangers (Megaforce Wave 3)
$6.99-$9.99 each (Price Varies by Retailer)


Wave 2 has vanished. Outside of some online retailers (mainly Toywiz and Entertainment Earth) getting Wave 2 cases in, the case containing Robo Knight, Vrak, and the Loogie never hit stores. Instead, the Wave 3 cases have begun hitting stores. Thankfully this includes the normal Robo Knight figure, but doesn’t help the case of the missing Vrak or Loogie. Wave 3 brings us the first of the “Metallic Force” figures. These are all repaints, done in a metallic paint similar to the figures from Samurai’s SDCC exclusive or PMC exclusive. The first set of Metallic Force figures features the Red Ranger, Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger, Yellow Ranger, Black Ranger, Robo Knight, and the Mighty Morphin’ Red Ranger. The Red Lost Galaxy Ranger is set to be added to the line as the only new figure for Wave 4. The metallic paint looks great on these guys. I loved it with the Samurai Rangers, and it looks even better with so much of the figure being metallic. This is our first time seeing a black and silver metallic. Black ends up looking like graphite (which is kinda neat) while Robo Knight gets decked out in a nice pearl like color. The MMPR Red Ranger looks pretty impressive, despite being really tired of those sculpts. The entire body is metallic, and makes a great stand-in for the Metallic Armor from Season 3. Each figure comes with the cards they previously came with, sans MMPR Red which comes with an all new card, P-137. For card completists, these cards feature the proper naming scheme of “Color Megaforce Ranger” as opposed to the original figures carrying the “Megaforce Color” names. The card numbers are the same, but if variants are you thing, they’re worth the pick up. The figures are great, and carry the same flaws their original releases had. However, the metallic paint looks really sharp, and for the same price as the original release, I’d rather have the vibrant colors of the Metallic Force. Very cool and recommended.

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