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Review: Pokémon Plamo Collection No. 30 – Dragonite Evolution Set

Pokémon Plamo Collection No. 30 – Dragonite Evolution Set
Retail Release – April, 2013 – ¥760


Our next PokéPla release is another Evolution Set. The last set celebrated the return of Ash’s Charizard, and this set introduces Iris’s Dragonite. It was released in April, 2013 for the average price of ¥760. Unfortunately Dratini and Dragonair are worthless. Dratini is three white pieces in which you have to sticker on the entire body of Dratini to add the blue color. Dragonair is cast in blue plastic and all the white bits are stickered. It creates a incoherent kit that just looks awful. You literally HAVE to paint these guys to get anything that works halfway decent. Dragonite on the other hand is really cool, and worth the price of the kit all by himself. His action feature is lifting his arms to open his mouth. It’s not much, but it’s something. I sort of wish he came with an alternate set of eye stickers to make happy Dragonite, but the angry eyes definitely make this Iris’s, and I sorta like that. If you’re a huge Dragonite fan, then you’ll probably like this, but if you’re just a casual collector of PokéPla, then there are definitely several kits that are way better than this one. However, for the price you can’t really go wrong.

[youtube http://youtu.be/k9ZZju934RQ]

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