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Review: LBX Orvane (Danball Senki Wars)

LBX Orvane
Retail Release – April, 2013 – ¥1,200


Our next Danball Senki Wars LBX is none other than Orvane, the green Wild Frame operated by Haruki, the leader of the First Platoon of Jenock. He was released alongside Dot-Phasor and Gunther Yzelphar in April, 2013 for ¥1,200. A little bit pricier than most kits, but given the amount of plastic used to create the turret, it’s understandable. While Dot-Phasor had a Multi Gimmick Sack with three functioning weapons, Orvane takes a different approach. His gun can pop off to become a hammer, or the entire backpack can fold out to become a battle station. This feature gets me. Previous Wild Frames (Hunter and Fenrir) were both centered around sniping. Orvane continues the tradition, but turns it into a full on back mounted battle station. That is just awesome to me. Orvane does have some issues standing thanks to the weight of the backpack, but he’s a very solid release with no real joint problems. The design is pretty unique for a Wild Frame, and overall I just love the way it looks. Look forward to seeing him in an alternative color, but even as it stands, Orvane looks awesome. While not as playable as Dot-Phasor, I’m bias toward Wild Frames and really dig his design and concept. Definitely recommended.


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