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Review: LBX Gunther Yzelphar (Danball Senki Wars)

LBX Gunther Yzelphar
Retail Release – April, 2013 – ¥1,000


Our third Danball Senki Wars kit is the third member of the tri…wait…Gunther Yzelphar? Yup, Val Sparos got pushed to May un favor of releasing the first antagonist of the series, Muraku’s LBX Gunther Yzelphar, known as the Violet Devil. Yzelphar is a modified version of the standardized Gunther LBX given to most troops in the Russius Army. Unlike Dot-Phasor or Orvane, Yzelphar doesn’t have a multi gimmick sack, and instead has two swords as his primary weapon. Yzelphar is a very simple kit, not having anything too crazy or any combining weapons or anything like that. Despite that, he is actually pretty amazing. His coat skirt pieces are all on individual ball and socket joints so that his legs are still plenty pose-able, even with it there. I actually really dig his design, very reminiscent of a Russian soldier, which I think is really awesome. Is he the most playable kit? Not at all. Both Dot-Phasor and Orvane have a lot more playability, but that doesn’t mean Yzelphar is a bad kit. His bulky design is fun, and I really love the design overall. I hope they get around to making some of the generic LBX designs too. He needs some Gunthers to command.

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