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Stockpile Sunday Review: S.H.Figuarts – Barnaby Brooks Jr. (Darkness Bunny Edition)

S.H.Figuarts – Barnaby Brooks Jr. (Darkness Bunny Edition)
Tamashii Nation 2011 Exclusive – November, 2011 – ¥4,500
Tamashii Web Exclusive – January, 2012 – ¥4,500


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In 2011’s Tamashii Nation event in November, 2011, one of the many exclusives was the “Darkness Bunny” edition of Barnaby Brooks Jr., as seen in the end portion of Tiger & Bunny. It was later re-released (as most event exclusives are) through Tamashii Web Shop in January, 2012. Darkness Bunny is a repaint of the original Barnaby release, with a few minor remolds in the chest. He also features a new head with the eyes covered. His suit is now black in color, with white and pink accents covering his suit as it used too. Darkness Bunny includes an alternate head featuring his eyes, his Good Luck Mode leg, two additional hands, and two additional hands for Barnaby featuring hands to imitate his iconic wave. I actually really like this release. The black goes really well with the pink, so I actually dig it a lot more than Barnaby’s normal suit. Great color aside, this is a really easy pass for the casual Tiger & Bunny fan who only want the main suits for each character. Being an exclusive, I would have liked to see a little more selection of hands or other accessories. Despite being a solid figure, it’s just one of those releases that aren’t necessary for most collectors.

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