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Review and Sound Demo: DX Shiroi Mahoutsukai (White Wizard) Driver (Kamen Rider Wizard)

DX Shiroi Mahoutsukai (White Wizard) Driver
Retail Release – May, 2013 – ¥6,000


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From Wizard’s debut we knew of the Shiroi Mahoutsukai, otherwise known as the White Wizard, his translated name. We also all knew he had his own Driver, which was simply a recolored WizarDriver. What we didn’t know is that Bandai would actually make a toy of it! The White Wizard Driver (using the translated name for the rest of this post. Sure it might be “White WizarDriver” but considering the original name is untranslated, I’ll skip the word puns.) was released in May, 2013 for ¥6,000. It basically functions as a third Rider belt for Wizard’s series, and could also be considered an addition since Wizard doesn’t use an external gimmick like the Cosmic Switch or Xtreme Memory for his final form. Regardless, this remolded and repainted WizarDriver comes packed with the Change and Explosion Wizard Rings. Both say ‘The Origin” in the original WizarDriver. Besides looking awesome and much sleeker than the WizarDriver, the White Wizard Driver contains all new sounds. The “Shabadubi Touch Henshin” and “Lupachi Magic Touch Go” sounds are all re-recorded, and the activation and standby noises are all new. To top it off, all the Ring announcements (sans the Super Sentai Wizard Ring and any Rider Wizard Rings) are all re-recorded in the new tone, as well as many having all new names. For instance, Flame becomes Volcano, Drill becomes Screw, Light becomes Spark, etc. This creates an entire new level of playability with your Wizard Rings, as many of them have all new calls, and the ones that don’t still have a new re-recorded announcement. Overall, the White Wizard Driver is totally worth it for the hardcore Wizard fan, or fans of the show that really dig the White Wizard. For the casual collector, you might want to save your money. However, the Wizard Rings it does come with are CURRENTLY exclusive, and the new color scheme and sounds are too great for me to let this one slide. I actually prefer this one to the WizarDriver, something that doesn’t normally happen with these things. Great job Bandai, great job.

[youtube http://youtu.be/RQcpx41-wwA]

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