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Review: Plamonster Series EX: White Garuda (Kamen Rider Wizard)

Plamonster Series EX: White Garuda
Retail Release – May, 2013 – ¥2,500

WizardWhiteGarudaGrab your White Wizard from CSToys International! Now!

Early on in Kamen Rider Wizard, we seen a White Garuda fly into the Remnants Shop and delivered a big red stone. Months later, we finally receive the White Garuda, the White Wizard’s personal aerial familiar. It was released in May, 2013 for ¥2,500. White Garuda is a straight up repaint of Haruto’s Red Garuda, where the clear red parts are now a pearly clear plastic with glitter built in, while the painted red bits are now a pearly white paint. The Wizard Ring included is the same as the previous Garuda Wizard Ring, but done in a clear plastic in the jewel instead of red. This actually creates for a very beautiful looking toy, in my opinion. Sure, the white is kinda plain, but the plastic makes up for it. It makes a great buddy for Red Garuda, and the two look cool next to each other. You can also make some fun combinations with Black Cerberus, White Wizard’s other familiar. Overall, it’s a great pick up for Plamonster collectors, but for the casual Wizard fan, he’s a simple skip, being a toy we’ve had since day one.

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