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Review: RHS 10 Beast Hyper, 11: Wizard Infinity Style, and EX: Shiroi Mahoutsukai (Kamen Rider Wizard)

Rider Hero Series 10: Kamen Rider Beast Hyper
Retail Release – March, 2013 – ¥800

Rider Hero Series 11: Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style
Retail Release – April, 2013 – ¥800

Rider Hero Series EX: Shiroi Mahoutsukai (White Wizard)
Retail Release – May, 2013 – ¥800


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The Rider Hero Series is the most basic form of Rider (and Sentai for that matter) figure made of a vinyl material. Each figure retails for around ¥800. Kamen Rider Beast Hyper was released in March, 2013, Kamen Rider Wizard infinity Style was released April, 2013, and the Shiroi Mahoutsukai (White Wizard) was released in May, 2013. Each figure stands roughly 175mm tall. Each figure features the bare minimum of detail in terms of paint, with just enough to make the figure look really awesome on display, while keeping the price affordable. This often makes things look bad, for instance Beast Hyper’s now blue belt and Driver look weird, and Infinity’s now gray color looks dull, but for the price you’re paying, it’s still a reasonable amount of detail, and the sculpts are always great. White Wizard looks a little bit underwhelming, with a lot of white, a weird looking face, and some pretty funky looking arms if you don’t pose him in a static position. Regardless, he’s still worth the cheap price, and looks great with the rest of the characters. Worth the price for sure.

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