Basic Model Kit, Danball Senki

Review: LBX Val Sparos (Danball Senki Wars)

LBX Val Sparos
Retail Release – May, 2013 – ¥1,000


At long last, we can finally complete the First Platoon of Jenock with the release of Val Sparos. Hikaru’s main LBX was released in May, 2013 for the average price of ¥1,000. Val Sparos is a Knight Frame LBX, rounding out the trio to one type a piece. He’s very jet like in apperaance, with a color scheme consisting of black, gray/silver, and blue. He’s very simple, and is slim in built to the point where it reminds me of a male version of something like Pandora. Not too many stickers with this release, and the ones it does have are pretty easy to apply and don’t intrude on the kit. Now the whole bit with this guy is this big folded up shuriken on his back. The storage mode honestly looks awful, leading me to want to pay more attention to him on the show to see how it works. It basically looks like a drill sticking out of his back. All three can pop off the main portion of the Multi Gimmick Sack and can be held by Val Sparos to be used as blades. Alternatively, you can attach them all to the MGS and have him hold the entire weapon, creating a giant shuriken weapon for Val Sparos to use. I really dig Val Sparos. He looks sleek, and overall is an impressive build. Unfortunately, his weapons leave a bit to be desired from me. Overall I like Orvane and Dot-Phasor a bit more, but he’s still an awesome kit that any LBX fan (particularly of Wars) should pick up.

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