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Review: 4″ Vrak, Loogie, & Robo Knight Figures (Power Rangers Megaforce)

4″ Vrak, Loogie, & Robo Knight Figures
Around $7.99 Each (Price varies by store)


Special thanks to Linear Ranger for selling me a Vrak (found at CVS).
Loogie purchased from CVS.
Robo Knight purchased from Toys R Us.

Long story short, retailers were overrun with the final wave of Super Samurai and the first wave of Megaforce toys, and thus when Bandai was ready to push the next wave of Megaforce Figures, stores never put in orders, leaving the average consumer who didn’t order cases from places like BBTS or Entertainment Earth without Robo Knight, Loogie, or Vrak figures found in the wave. Fast forward several months, and the Wave 3 cases featuring Robo Knight, along with 7 “Metallic Force” figures were spotted at retailers. Unforutnately Vrak and Loogie were not in Wave 3 cases, and thus were perpetually lost forever. Fast forward a little more, and the Wave 2 cases have begun to be distributed amongst CVS Pharmacies across the nation! Yeah, CVS. Unfortunately, as of this posting, they have not been spotted at Rite Aid, Walgreens, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Ross, or any of those other pharmacies or discount store chains. Regardless, they’ve hit the wild and actually exist. All 4 figures feature the same points of articulation, with Vrak being surprisingly articulated and detailed. Robo Knight includes his Robo Laser in Sword Mode and Gun Mode. The Loogie includes a blade, as well as a huge Zombat that can act as a set of wings, or as a flyer. Finally Vrak includes his staff. I suppose it’s safe to point out that Vrak is in his War Star form. Robo Knight should be relatively easy to find since it is in the Wave 3 case that is hitting stores. Vrak and Loogie are going to take a lot of hunting, but are two figures that are definitely worth the pick up if you can find them at local CVS stores. If you can’t, hit up the message boards. There are several fans out there that are willing to help in the hunt for their fellow fans. Special thanks to Linear Ranger for selling me a Vrak figure, since every CVS near me didn’t have a single one. Good luck!

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