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Review: Legacy Megazord (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers)

Review: Legacy Megazord
Toys R Us Exclusive – $59.99


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While the Legacy Morpher was an all new toy, the Legacy Megazord is actually a re-release of the “Dino Megazord” toy from the MMPR 2010 line of toys. HOWEVER, this “Legacy” release features all new paint, all new stickers, and die cast pieces enough to actually warrant the $60 price tag. I’d also like to point out that the MSRP is $49.99 on this, but TRU bumped up the price by $10, and given that it’s currently a TRU exclusive, you don’t have a choice. Anyway, having already reviewed the toy back in 2010, let’s look at the new bits. Like I said, the Dinozords all feature paint in placed the 2010 (and 1993 version for that matter) didn’t have, making this the most show accurate Daizyujin/Megazord toy released to date. The slim downed style of the 2010 line even gives it a slightly more “person in suit” look that the blocky original release didn’t have. The stickers are all newly printed with a majority of them done in a nice metallic finish. Between the paint and the stickers, there isn’t a detail missing from this Megazord. While the entire toy isn’t die-cast (that would be stupid) the die-cast is set in just the right places to make this toy hefty and stable. The Sabertooth Tiger and Triceratops both have die-cast tails. The Pterodactyl has a die-cast head. The Mastodon has diecast in what will become the Megazord’s arms. The Tyrannosaurus features die-cast in his thigh area. While I would have liked the Sabertooth Tiger and Triceratops heads to be die-cast to give it a lot of stability, but even without that, it still holds together more than perfect. When combined into the Megazord, it can wield the Mastodon’s head as a shield (painted with a nice metallic darker gray) or wield a chromed out Power Sword. The only real fault with the toy in my opinion is the Power Sword sits so tight in the hand that there’s a huge chance that you’ll chip off the chrome paint after a while of play. This can be remedied by shaving off some of the plastic in the hand if you so wish. This is the definitive Megazord toy. While it would have been neat for Bandai to use the original Daizyujin mold for this, the mold is apparently wrecked, so we had to settle for the 2010 release. Being a fan of the 2010 release over the 1993 release, I have no real problem with this. While it probably won’t be worth the $59.99 to most people, for the hardcore Zyuranger, MMPR, or nostalgia fan, it’s a definitive purchase and one hell of a good toy. Unfortunately all this does is make me want more.


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