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Haul: Nationals Haul!

So the Pokémon US Nationals is basically the world’s biggest Pokémon event, even bigger than Worlds, only because Worlds is such a closed (and expensive to get to) event, that not as many people tend to show up. As such there’s always so much to do there, so much free stuff to get and win, plus this year we had three vendors all selling Pokémon stuff to the fans. For attending and competing in the event, participants received a Deoxys T-Shirt and an Espeon Promo Card. The Play! Pokémon sleeves, the PokéGym die, and a vast majority of that stack of cards (and a stack not photographed) I won in the Professor Cup, a tournament for the Pokémon Professors that is purely for fun. The Cup always features a weird gimmick to build decks around, and is a fun way to show their thanks to the people who help make the game so popular. I also won a binder, but I already had it so I forgot to toss it into the photo. The Scrafty Playmat, playmat tube, Emolga Plush, Scraggy Plush, Scraggy keychain, red dice pack, and the large Darkrai card (part of the Team Plasma Box I purchased) were all purchased from the assorted vendors. I grabbed Emolga for my girlfriend, as she really liked Emolga. Scraggy is mine, because Scraggy. Finally the Prime Weaponizer Bumblebee I found at a TJ Maxx across from our hotel for $20 and decided to get it. Woo.

Nationals Talk:

Nationals was an amazing event that I’m really happy to have been a part of for my 10th year in a row. This year I decided to play Snorlax, a deck who’s sole purpose is to block the opponent from retreating. From here, you use Pokémon Catcher to bring up their supporting or high retreat cost EX Pokémon, use Hypnotoxic Laser to poison them, while the Virbank City Gym Stadium Card makes poison do 30 damage in between turns. I went 6-3, allowing me to make Top Cut if my resistance wasn’t so crap. Unfortunately my opponent’s outside of a handful of awesome people didn’t quite make it far, and really hurt my resistance. I finished 92nd out of the roughly 500 people in my flight. I’m bummed I didn’t make the cut, but I’m still glad I had such a great record with a deck many thought would bomb the tournament. My only losses were to Blastoise/Keldeo (an auto loss if they get 2 Keldeo EX out, since its ability allows it to instantly become the Active Pokémon, getting rid of my poison every turn), the mirror match (I wasn’t expecting a mirror, and neither was he. Unfortunately he played Life Dew, a card that makes it so you don’t draw a Prize Card if you knock it out, meaning my one knock out was nulled. He was able to lock me and draw a prize, and I couldn’t bounce back that late in the game), and my final match (I lost only because he was able to Scramble Switch into a fully powered Landorus EX that could OHKO my Snorlax, on top of an N which made me shuffle my set hand into my deck and draw four crappy cards. I couldn’t bounce back in the two turns I had) meaning the showing was superb.

The Professor Cup was a format where you could only build a deck with Pokémon that CAN evolve. This means you could play Charmander and Charmeleon, but not Charizard. You can use Jigglypuff, but you can’t use Wigglytuff. It also was a 30 card build. If you won your match, you received two packs of cards, and if you lost, you received one. The winner also won a prize if your table was selected as a prize table randomly. I went 5-3, which isn’t bad, but you needed to be 6-2 to have a chance at top cut. I was playing Charmeleon with Numel as a heavy hitter basic, as well as Magmar as support. Not too much to report here, other than I had a blast.

The trip was awesome, and it’s always great traveling down with my friends, and meeting up with everyone every year. After doing this for 10 years, you develop a decent relationship with these people you only see once a year. It’s a really fun feeling to know that you can wander down the conventional hall and wave and say hello to the people you pass, because chancses are, you’ve met them before. Huge props to TPCi for another great year, and to all my friends for making these trips fantastic.

Here’s to a good 2014 Season!

Pokémon US Nationals Haul
July 4th, 2013 – July 7th, 2013

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