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Review: 4″ Ultra Metallic Force Power Rangers (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Ultra Metallic Force Power Rangers (Power Rangers Megaforce)
$9.99 each on Amazon.com


Grab your five Ultra Metallic Force Rangers from Amazon.com for $9.99!

Check out all the clips, sounds, and scans of the 30 Power Cards on Megaforce Cast!

In some strange turn of events, Toywiz.com and Amazon.com both released the “Ultra Metallic Power Rangers” from the Power Rangers Megaforce fall line. This set consists of the five main Megaforce Rangers in their Ultra Modes (known as the Super Goseiger in Tensou Sentai Goseiger) done up in a beautifull metallic paint that we previously seen in the original set of seven Metallic Force figures. Unlike the previous figures however, these figures include SIX Power Cards with each figure, for a total of 30 Power Cards in the set. While there are a small number of brand new promo cards, most cards in this set are repeats from cards in previous toys. However, these cards are all foil cards and are exclusive to these figures. All the figures do feature a bit of hinderance in their shoulders thanks to the armor, but outside of that articulation is the same as it has always been with these 4″ figures. Each figure includes a Mega Blaster and the Ultra Sword. The sculpts on the armor of these guys are done fairly well. While not perfect, they look pretty good and the metallic gold paint really makes them pop. These are great pick ups regardless, especially considering you get the Ultra Megaforce Rangers before the actual normal release, plus 30 beautiful foil ACG cards. At $50 for the set, you can’t really pass that up if you’re a Power Rangers collector. Really cool.

[youtube http://youtu.be/-_voZVkLnd4]

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