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Unboxing: Power Rangers ACG – Universe of Hope Booster Boxes

Power Rangers ACG Set 3 – Universe of Hope
$39 per Box at Potomac Distribution

UoHBoostersGrab a Booster Box from Potomac Distribution!

Our third set of Power Rangers ACG cards are finally upon us: Universe of Hope! This set contains 120 new cards (with 91-120 being exclusive to the starter deck, just like Rise of Heroes). Each Booster Box retails for roughly $35-40. I picked up my boxes from Potomac Distribution, with each Booster Box containing 15 packs, with 10 cards a pack. There really isn’t too much new here to talk about. The set introduces two new cards. One is the “Team Card” which is a high cost, high strength card that represents the entire team of Rangers. A second new card style is a style of Megaforce Ranger which features a second Ranger in the background. There is no gimmick to these cards, just strictly art. What’s worth noting is that some of these cards feature Sentai Rangers not shown in any Power Rangers adaption, including Vul Eagle from Sun Vulcan, and four of the five Gorengers. A neat little bonus for collectors, but a confusing road block for kids. Overall, the set has some great art, great cards, and you can ALMOST complete a full set with one Booster Box. You’ll end up being shy about 2 Ultra Rares and maybe a Super Rare, depending on your luck. A really affordable game so far, and it’s great the game has gone this far.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGwtp9nFUbY]


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