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Review: Ultra Change Series 01 – Jean-Nine (Ultraman Ginga)

Ultra Change Series 01 – Jean-Nine
Retail Release – July, 2013 – ¥2,600

UltramanUCS01JeanNineUltralive! Grab your Jean-Nine at CSToys International!

What would a tokusatsu be without a gimmick figure line? Sentai evidently, but that’s not the point. Ultraman Ginga has brought us the Ultra Change Series, staring Jean-Nine (Jean-Killer) and Jean-Bot! The first release is Jean-Nine, previously known as Jean-Killer. The figure was released alongside many first release Ginga items in July, 2013 for ¥2,600. The figure reminds me a lot of the Final Form Ride Decade figures, but done a little bit better. His shoulders are stiff, and his head can’t rotate, but other than that, you have some pretty solid articulation on the toy. Fold up his legs, move his feet to his hands (yes) and flip a few panels and you have Jean-Star, the starship mode for Jean-Nine! In both robot mode and starship mode, he has treads on his back (with wheels for the toy obviously) that can roll him around. Transformation is really simple, so even kids can get a lot out of the toy, given how they’re the target market and all. Overall, if you’re a fan of the character, and looking for something less than an Ultra-Act with more playability, but something more than the Ultra Hero 500, then this is a pretty solid pick up. That being said, he’s still not really worth the retail price, and should probably only be a pickup if you can get it for ¥1,500 or lower.


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