Power Rangers ACG, V-Logs

V-Log: Hangin’ with Hassan (with an ACG Battle!)


Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with someone who’s become quite a good friend the past few months, Hassan Ahmed. He was about an hour away from me with his family on vacation, so we took the opportunity to meet up. Having never actually played an actual Power Rangers ACG match (due to not having a deck built and not knowing how the crap the game works) we took it upon ourselves to battle. I tossed a deck together with extra RPM and S.P.D. cards, while he was beating the crap out of me with a Samurai army. Despite having won our test match, he proceeds to cream me in both of the recorded matches. Of course. It was a lot of fun though!

While heading out to lunch we decided to stop at a local Walmart, and we’re glad we did. Not only did we get a chance to film a short V-Log from the toy aisle of Walmart, we actually found something new! The Deluxe Mega Red Ranger was found! The toy was available off Toys R Us’s website a while back, but we believe this was the first sighting at an actual store. Hurray! Anyway, we ate stopped at a Target, ate lunch, and headed back.

It was an absolute pleasure meeting him, and it’s great that things like Twitter and YouTube can make people who have never met act like the best of friends at first meeting. If you haven’t, check out his YouTube Channel! He could use some more subscribers, and is an all around cool guy. I really hope we can meet up again soon sometime. It was a hell of a lot of fun.

Our Power Rangers ACG Battles!

His V-Log featuring us in Walmart!

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