Haul: 08-16-13 & 08-17-13

Stuff! So I was out and about on Friday morning and it turns out It was gonna be a very card filled day. Not only did I get a box of Plasma Blast from Potomac Distribution in the mail, but I had picked up both Theme Decks and two promo packs for Plasma Blast from Target on the way home. Expect an Unboxing video on Sunday! 😀

Today I hung out with my buddy Jeff, and we stopped at a local Japanese market. They unfortunately cut their supply of Candy Toys drastically, but I picked up these weird “Sushi Kaiser” things because the thought made me laugh pretty hard. They also had MORE Tokusatsu chopsticks. I raided their supply about a year ago, and I did the same again, adding a bunch more to my collection. 🙂 HIBIKI! 😀 😀 😀 But I want OOO Chopsticks. 😦 My Capsule Gaia Memory 7 set came in from CSToys too! It’s like I’m in the past man.


From Potomac Distribution:
• Pokémon TCG – Plasma Blast Booster Box
• Bonus Magic Deck Box

From Target:
• Pokémon TCG – Plasma Blast: Mind Wipe Theme Deck
• Pokémon TCG – Plasma Blast: Solar Strike Theme Deck
• Pokémon TCG – Plasma Blast: Blaziken Promo Pack
• Pokémon TCG – Plasma Blast: Krookodile Promo Pack


From Nobel Fish:
• Boukenger Chopsticks
• Go-Onger Chopsticks
• Goseiger Chopsticks
• Kamen Rider Hibiki Chopsticks (Ver. 1)
• Kamen Rider HIbiki Chopsticks (Ver. 2)
• Kamen Rider Kiva Chopsticks
• Kamen RIder Decade Chopsticks (Ver. 1)
• Kamen Rider Decade Chopsticks (Ver. 2)
• Kamen Rider Fourze Chopsticks
• Sushi Kaiser – Mackrel
• Sushi Kaiser – Scallop

From CSToys:
• Kamen Rider W – DX Sound Capsule GaiaMemory 7 Complete Set
• Bonus – Kamen Rider Wizard Eraser Thing

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