Power Rangers, Power Rangers Megaforce

Review: Snake Morphin Vehicle (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Snake Morphin Vehicle
£7 (roughly $10 USD) – Currently a UK Only Release


Purchased from The Entertainer Toy Shop for £7!

Remember the Morphin Vehicles? Remember the fact that there was supposed to be a Black one? Neither does Bandai America! Thankfully the toy does see the light of day in the UK for £7. The Snake Morphin Vehicle is a lot like the Shark Morphin Vehicle, in the fact that it’s not a Snake…it’s the Beetle Zord. Okay then. Anyway, the Black Megaforce Ranger can fold up into the Beetle Zord…thing. The pinchers don’t move on their own. At least they can attach to his arm and grab things! On the plus side it comes with a ACG Promo Card! Overall this isn’t worth it at all unless you REALLY want to complete your set of four. With the card being available in holo form, and the price and shipping charge making this not really worth it, it’s easy to avoid. If you’re buying the Build & Morph Gosei Great Megazord and want to combine shipping, then I guess, but otherwise I wouldn’t order it by itself. Robo Knight is still the best Morphin Vehicle.

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