Haul: 08-29-13 & 08-30-13

RUMBLE U! The game is subpar, but a lot of fun for a quick beat em up session.  Anyway I picked up eight figures before I knew about the whole “a box has one of everyone thing” so now I’m waiting for my GameStop to get an unopened case in before I get more. Then I’m selling the rest or returning them. Anyway, that’s fun. The following day I found the Vrak Hot Wheels release finally (still need Pink!) as well as my Amazon box that had two new Scraggy plush and the complete series of Beast Wars that I got for $25. Mom also managed to get four of the six McDonald toys that day. Obviously I’ve since gotten the last two and reviewed them. Yup.

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

08-29-13From GameStop:
• Wii U – Pokémon Rumble U
• Pokémon Rumble U – Genesect
• Pokémon Rumble U – Torchic
• Pokémon Rumble U – Celebi
• Pokémon Rumble U – Pikachu
• Pokémon Rumble U – Zoroark
• Pokémon Rumble U – Crogunk
• Pokémon Rumble U – Mewtwo
• Pokémon Rumble U – Bulbasaut

Friday, August 30th, 2013

08-30-13From Walmart:
• Hot Wheels – Vrak

From McDonalds:
• Dragon Mechazord
• Shark Mechazord
• Snake Mechazord
• Lion Mechazord

From Amazon:
• Branpresto Scraggy Plush
• Halloween Scraggy Plush
• DVD – Beast Wars: The Complete Series



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