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Review: Ultra Zord Vehicles (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Ultra Zord Vehicles
$14.99 at Most Major Retailers


The Zord Vehicle line continues! Where as the last set of Zord Vehicles consisted of the three “Brothers” sets of Zords, the two new Zord Vehicles for Megaforce consist of two sets of two Zords that stem from Goseiger’s Gosei Wonder. Dubbed the Gosei Jet Megazord, it consists of the Gosei Jet Mechazord, along with the Dolphin Zord, Crocodile Zord, Elephant Zord, and a second Beetle Zord (this time based off a Kabuto Beetle). The Ultra Red Ranger Zord Vehicle consists of the Beetle and Crocodile Zords, while the Ultra Blue Ranger Zord Vehicle consists of the Dolphin and Elephant Zords. Each Zord Vehicle has a core motorcycle like vehicle that has two missle cannons on the back. Attached to each side is a thruster unit that can hold one Zord. Both figures are stuck in a riding position, and basically look awful. The Zords are much smaller than the Japanese counterparts, but don’t lose any major functionality and look alright. The Zords can of course be attached to any Zord Port on any of the Megaforce toys. If you plan on picking up Gosei Jet, and already have the Gosei Great Megazord, these are pretty decent pick ups, and a great expansion to the ever building Zord Builder collection.

2 thoughts on “Review: Ultra Zord Vehicles (Power Rangers Megaforce)”

  1. You can order it from Walmart’s website for $25 and have it shopped to a store near you for free (if you’re in the US)… that’s how I got mine.

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