Haul: 09-20-13

Picked up the Legacy Mask Collection. That is all. In other news, Gabutyra de Carnival arrived today! He’s pretty much the singular best Kyoryuger toy you could purchase if you have a huge selection of Zyudenchi. Seriously, buy it now. I also received a nice stock of Megazords from Fury Diamond of Rangercrew’s collection. Huge thanks for giving me a great deal on these! It’s great to have some Lost Galaxy representation in my collection now.  🙂

Friday, September, 20th, 2013

09-20-13From Toys R Us:
• Power Rangers – Legacy Mask Collection

09-20-13_2From Hobby Search:
• Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger – Gabutyra de Carnival
• Kamen Rider Fourze – Legend Rider Astro Switch Set 04

From RangerCrew (Fury Diamond):
• Power Rangers Zeo – Pyramidas
• Power Rangers Turbo – Artillatron
• Power Rangers Lost Galaxy – Centarus Megazord
• Power Rangers Lost Galaxy – Stratoforce Megazord
• Power Rangers Lost Galaxy – Zenith Carrierzord



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