Haul: 09-23-13 to 09-25-13

Cat had a Doctor’s appointment in some place I’ve never been. They had a Target which was pretty boring, but they had a Big Lots, and since the closest Big Lots to me is in a direction I hardly ever go, I decided to drop in. Low and behold I found my Phoenix Zord Hot Wheels car, so I can finally review it and Vrak’s car. I also picked up this armor Robo Knight toy because I like Robo Knight so I’m collecting his shit. We stopped at the Japanese market on the way home, where I picked up two more chopsticks for my collection, as well as some food and a Doki Doki Precure Ramune bottle. It is pretty awesome and makes my heart dokidoki.

The next day, my Mandarake box arrived. The order didn’t have anything I really wanted, but it started with me ordering a Trigger Memory for Jeff. They had that, but had nothing else in stock I really wanted. I did however get some cool Pokémon pins released sometime around Gold and Silver’s release, and a Hibiki Kurenai keychain that may or may not go on my keys. It came in a box that was way too big. Silly Keychain. My Kmart order also arrived, and to my surprise, it actually had all four toys I ordered! Kmart’s been on their A-Game lately. Another batch of Megaforce items claimed, and the collection is almost over. Apparently Kmart is moderately safe to order from now.

Finally today, my Entertainment Earth order arrived featuring the Ultra Dragon Chest Armor, and the three Battle Gear toys for the Fall Assortment. Those reviews will also be upcoming, either together or separate, I haven’t quite decided yet. If they’re separate they’ll probably just go up on the same day. Hurray toys.

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

09-23-13From Big Lots:
• Hot Wheels – Phoenix Zord
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Gosei Grand Megazord Armor with Robo Knight Power Ranger

From Noble Fish:
• Gekiranger Chopsticks
• Gokaiger Chopsticks
• Dokidoki Precure Ramune
• Meiji Milk Chocolate Bar
• Chocolate Pocky

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

09-24-13From Mandarake:
• Pokémon Millenium Badge Collection
• Hyper Hobby Kamen Rider Hibiki Kurenai Keychain

From Kmart.com:
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Gosei Ultimate Megazord
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Gosei Jet with Red Ranger
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Ultra Red Ranger Dragon Cycle
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Robo Knight Lion Cycle

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

09-25-13From Entertainment Earth:
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Ultra Dragon Chest Armor
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Ultimate Blaster
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Leon Laser Blaster
• Power Rangers Megaforce – Ultra Dragon Sword




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