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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – Red Genesect Collection

Pokémon TCG – Red Genesect Collection
$19.99 at Most Major Retailers (Bought from Target)


In honor of the upcoming movie featuring Mega Mewtwo Y and Red Genesect, Pokémon has released a TCG box called the Red Genesect Collection, retailing for $19.99. Inside this box you get one (plus another in the deck) promotional Red Genesect card (BW99), two Plasma Booster Packs (one Plasma Storm, one Plasma Blast), a collectable Red Genesect pin, and a 60-card ALL REVERSE FOIL theme deck (the extra promo Red Genesect being the only non-reverse foil card in the deck). Considering a theme deck retails for $12.99, and booster packs for roughly $4.19, the value is apparent already. The theme deck is a modified version of the Mind Wipe Theme Deck released during Plasma Blast. Trainer wise, the deck includes two reverse foil copies of Skyla, N, Cheren, Cilan, Professor Juniper, Ultra Ball, Energy Retrieval, Switch, Pokémon Catcher, and one reverse foil copy of Silver Mirror, Silver Bangle, and Tool Scrapper! Every one of those trainers are used frequently in a number of decks in the format, and getting reverse foil versions of these cards direct at retail is amazing. The reverse Catcher’s alone are enough to entice some newer players to pick this up, despite the upcoming rule changes. Overall, for collectors, the promo card and pin are a must, and the chance at getting good pulls on the booster packs is a great bonus too. The reverse foil deck alone is probably worth the $19.99. Definitely a great value.

[youtube http://youtu.be/OereQRBczEA]

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