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Review: Gosei Jet with Red Ranger (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Gosei Jet with Red Ranger
$24.99 at Most Major Retailers (Bought from Kmart.com)


To replace the Lion Mechazord (as well as give us a multiple toy Megazord), Bandai has released the Eagle portion of Gosei Wonder as the Gosei Jet with Red Ranger. Like the Lion Mechazord, it retails for $24.99. Unfortunately it hasn’t been found at retail, and can only be found through online stores. In Japan, Gosei Wonder was made up of a periwinkle colored Eagle remold of the Gosei Dragon. Included with it was the Elephant, Kabuto, Crocodile, and Dolphin Headders. For the American release, Bandai has taken the same approach they had with Gosei Grand Megazord, in releasing the toy in multiple chunks. The Eagle Mechazord, otherwise known as Gosei Jet, is sold by itself. The Dolphin and Elephant Zords are sold in the Ultra Blue Ranger Zord Vehicle, while the Beetle (Kabuto Beetle) and Crocodile Zords are sold in the Ultra Red Ranger Zord Vehicle. To top it off, the only way to make the full Gosei Jet Megazord is to use the Mechazord bodies of the Snake, Tiger, Phoenix, and Shark to attach the new Zords to. Yep, if you don’t have Gosei Great Megazord, you won’t get the most out of this toy. That being said, Gosei Jet is pretty fun. It’s now cast in a nice royal blue color, and is a remold of the Dragon Mechazord. The extending neck is gone, and there is an all new tail that doubles as an Axe (and head storage) for Gosei Jet Megazord. If you have all the other toys, Gosei Jet is actually pretty neat. I LOVE the Gosei Jet Megazord formation, as the royal blue makes the combo pop loads better than Gosei Wonder ever did. The brown Beetle on the white Phoenix Mechazord body is still a killer, but that’s the only huge flaw. To top it off, the Eagle beak can fold down and the wings can fold back to transform into Turbo Mode. Turbo Mode was never in Goseiger (and thus won’t be in Megaforce) but it’s a nice bonus for the toy, and probably something really fun for kids. Yes, it’s disappointing (and expensive) to buy and release all the toys individually, but for collectors, it’s not really a problem. I would have much prefered Gosei Jet Megazord to be released as a full Megazord (since I now have to buy a second Gosei Great Megazord…) but Bandai’s in it for the money, so I can’t really fault them for good business decisions. If you have been keeping up with the Megaforce line so far, its a must have, but if you don’t have a need for it, it (as well as Ultra Zord Vehicles) are easy passes. Despite how hard it is to obtain, I really like it in the end.

1 thought on “Review: Gosei Jet with Red Ranger (Power Rangers Megaforce)”

  1. “I would have much prefered Gosei Jet Megazord to be released as a full Megazord (since I now have to buy a second Gosei Great Megazord…)”
    To be fair, A. That’s only a problem if you want to display the Gosei Jet Megazord on its own and B. BoJ Gosei Wonder was the same way. Plus they’d have to go through the trouble of gating off the unused parts of the molds (if they even could).

    This is a neat thing, and it makes me laugh about all the comments that Gosei Wonder wouldn’t be adapted to Megaforce. Although perversely, these days Gosei Wonder’s easier to find than Gosei Jet – and usually cheaper, at least on eBay.

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