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Review: Robo Knight Lion Cycle & Red Ranger Dragon Cycle (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Robo Knight Lion Cycle & Ultra Red Ranger Dragon Cycle
$14.99 at Most Major Retailers (Bought from Kmart.com)


The three previous Ranger Cycles were replaced with a new wave of two for the Fall Assortment, featuring Robo Knight and his Lion Cycle, and the Ultra Red Ranger and his Dragon Cycle. Each retains the same price as the previous cycles and feature the bike, a Zord, an awful figure, and an ACG Promo Card. Robo Knight’s Lion Cycle includes the Vulcan Cannon Zord. While this Zord doesn’t attach to the Megazord in the show (feel free to do it with the toys, as it’s plenty possible!), it attaches to the Robo Laser to initiate the Knight Dynamic attack. The Ultra Red Ranger’s Dragon Cycle includes the Ultra Dragon Zord. This release is much smaller than the Ultra Dragon Zord included with the Basic Battle Gear releases of the Ultra Dragon Sword and the Ultimate Blaster. Like other Zords, both can attach to the various weapons and Megazords in the Megaforce line.  Both bikes are the same, and feature a male Zord Port, a female Zord Port, and a Zordbuilder Port, meaning you can literally attach this thing anywhere on a Megazord. While most people discredit the Zordbuilder feature, it’s a great thing for kids, and these cycles add a lot of added combinations by having so many different ports. For people who aren’t Zordbuilder fans, the Robo Knight release is still a must have for the Vulcan Cannon Zord, and if you don’t plan on picking up the Ultra Dragon Sword or the Ultimate Blaster, the Red Ranger release is worth it for a representation of the Ultra Dragon Zord. These haven’t been spotted at retail at the time of this post, so keep your eyes glued to online retailers to try to get your hands on these. At the core, the toys are pretty bad looking, but the additions they bring to the Megaforce Megazord line are well worth the purchase. Plus cards. Always cards.

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