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Review: Megaforce Ranger Battle Gear Fall Assortment (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Power Rangers Megaforce Ranger Battle Gear (Fall Assortment)
$14.99 at Most Major Retailers (Bought from EntertainmentEarth.com)


It’s rare when there is almost a year gap between assortments, but the second Ranger Battle Gear Wave has finally hit retail…online. While not spotted in stores yet, online retailers like BBTS, Entertainment Earth, and Kmart.com have stocked some of these Battle Gear items. The case I purchased contained two Ultra Dragon Swords, one Leon Laser Blaster, and one Ultimate Blaster, containing all three of the new toys. The Ultimate Blaster is a repaint of the previously released Power Ranger Blaster. No new sounds, but it is cast in red plastic instead of black, and features a larger scale Ultra Dragon Zord instead of the normal Dragon Zord. The same Ultra Dragon Zord can be found on the Ultra Dragon Sword toy, a shrunken down version of the weapon used by the Ultra Megaforce Red Ranger. The toy is cast primarily in gray plastic with minor red paint apps. The Zord unfortunately can not spin, but you hear a few different sounds when the trigger on the handle is pressed. Finally the star of the line is the Leon Laser Blaster, a misnamed Robo Blaster/Robo Sword weapon used by Robo Knight. The toy has a generic firing sound in gun mode, and a generic slash sound in Sword Mode, plus a sound while converting. It’s incredibly small, and would really have benefited from a deluxe weapon as opposed to being stuck in the basic assortment. It can be combined with the Robo Morpher from last year, along with the Vulcan Cannon Zord from the Robo Knight Lion Cycle to make the Knight Dynamic version of the weapon. It adds no new sounds, but it at least looks a little better, sorta. Overall, only the Leon Laser Blaster is worth the immediate pick up, as it’s an all new weapon with no true alternative. The other two are only really worth the pick up if you want the larger scale Ultra Dragon Zord.  For ACG collectors, each toy comes with an all new ACG Promo Card, if that sort of thing seals the deal for you.

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