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Review: Ultra Dragon Chest Armor (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Ultra Dragon Chest Armor
$24.99 at Most Major Retailers (Bought from Kmart.com)


You have masks, you have gloves, you have weapons, now have the armor too! To replace the Deluxe Hand Gear released last year. The Ultra Dragon Chest Armor is a big slab of semi-gold colored plastic shaped slightly like Ultra Megaforce Red’s chest armor. It features two black straps that you can wrap around your shoulders like some weird reverse backpack. When the button on the dragon’s head is pressed, you hear a randomly played sound. When the button is held down, you hear a clip of the Megaforce Theme Song! That’s all this does. Kids may get a kick out of being able to use the Hand Gear, Chest Armor, Mask, and Ultra Dragon Sword to pretend they’re the Ultra Megaforce Red Ranger or something like that. For collectors, all you really have going for it is the included ACG Promo Card. Yeah, that’s about it.

1 thought on “Review: Ultra Dragon Chest Armor (Power Rangers Megaforce)”

  1. Hey Shuki are the rest of the Kyoryugers (Blue,Green,Black,Pink, Gold) still cumming out Ps do u think they will ever make Goseiger/Abaranger/Go-Onger Figuarts

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