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Review: DX Sengoku Driver (Kamen Rider Gaim)

DX Sengoku Driver
Retail Release – October, 2013 – ¥6,800


Grab your Sengoku Driver from CSToys International!

The Sengoku Driver is the belt worn by the “Armored Riders” in the universe of Kamen Rider Gaim. This of course includes our titular Rider, Kamen RIder Gaim, along with Kamen Rider Baron, Ryugen, Zangetsu, and Gridon at the bare minimum. It was released along the show’s debut in October, 2013 for ¥6,800. The main gimmick this year is a Lock Seed, a padlock shaped device with a fruit on the front. Each of these Lock Seeds activates a new set of Arms (Armor) for the Rider wearing the belt. The Sengoku Driver comes packed with the Orange Lock Seed and the Banana Lock Seed, belonging to Gaim and Baron respectively, transforming them into their default forms. The Lock Seeds “belong” to certain Riders, but as shown in the new figure line (Arms Change Series) the Arms could theoretically be switched around from Rider to Rider. Whether this will happen at all in the show or not is unknown. Each Lock Seed has the same basic features. Press the switch on the side to pop open the lock and hear Deneb from Den-O say the name of the Lock. Alternatively, you can also press a button on the back bottom left hand side to hear “Battle Start!” “You win!” and “Rank up!” “You lose!” exists as well, but it doesn’t come up all that often. Insert the Lock Seed into the Driver to hear that Rider’s transformation jingle begin. Push the blade down to activate the Lock Seed, where it will fall open and announce “____ Arms!” as well as the catchphrase associated with that Lock Seed. From here, press the blade down once to hear “____ Squash!”, twice for “____ Ole!”, and thrice for “_____ Sparking!” for final attacks. To sum things up, the Lock Seeds have their own lights and sounds, while the Sengoku Driver has sounds of its own. To top it off, the belt comes with Gaim and Baron faceplates for the Driver, with Ryugen’s on its way at the end of the month. The Driver has a total of four different Riders registered, so you can mix and match Lock Seeds with the sounds in the Sengoku Driver to hear multitudes of different sound combinations. This year seems to be a hugely fun year in terms of toys. I love what this Driver has to offer, and can’t wait to see more. Lock On!

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