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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – Kalos Starter Sets

Pokémon TCG – Kalos Starter Sets
$14.99 Each (Purchased from Target)


Instead of TPCi giving us two Legendary Treasures theme decks featuring cards no one wants, they decided to forgo the theme decks and give us a little preview of what’s to come with the XY Kalos Starter Set. This 39 (50 if you count the 9 holofoil variants and a Fairy Energy Card) set is spread along three theme decks based around the three Kalos Starter Pokémon: Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie. This 39 card set is our version of the “XY Beginning Set” that was released in Japan at the same time, released in an almost identical way, just not having different decks for boys and girls. Each 60 card deck comes with that Pokémon’s coin, a paper deck box, cardboard counters, a 2-player play-mat, and a sheet with updated rule erratas. Each set contains three holofoil cards for that Pokémon’s evolution line that are variants of the line found inside the deck itself. The Chespin deck gives us our first look at the Fairy Type, which will fully hit the game come XY’s release in December (in Japan) and February (in other regions). While it doesn’t add a special mechanic, it’s something new, and it is fun to see what the Fairy cards will look like. It’s fun having a splash of pink to our card line-up. Each of these deluxe sets also comes with one B&W: Legendary Treasures booster packs, meaning you have a high chance of getting an EX or two in one of these decks, because that’s how Legendary Treasures rolls. Overall, these decks are a GREAT pick up for collectors. Not only do you get to see the Fairy type early, this is essentially its own set of cards that every collector needs in their collection. Players won’t find a whole lot here that is necessary, the only NEW trainer is Tierno, which is just a renamed Cheren, and none of the cards here are deck-worthy. Players MAY want some errata’d Pokémon Catcher, but that’s about all in terms of enticing them. This is clearly a collector orientated set, and a nice way to try to pick people hooked on the XY Video Games into the TCG. Worth the price, and worth taking a look at. Everyone needs dem Fairies.

[youtube http://youtu.be/ilJV4leP1d0]

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