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Review: Deluxe Legendary Morpher (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Deluxe Legendary Morpher
$32.99 at Toys R Us


With the power of the Legendary Morpher, the Megaforce Rangers transform into the Super Megaforce Rangers, which have the ability to transform into any past Power Ranger! While they may have horrible names, the toy line is coming out in full force and encompassing the entire library of Rangers with the US coming of Ranger Keys, the small collectables that let the Rangers transform. Included with the Legendary Morpher are the Super Megaforce Red and Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Keys. The keys themselves are incredibly small compared to the Japanese Ranger Keys, being a little more than half the height. However, the sculpts on the head on some of these seems to be improved, and the paint details are just about equal. While the US Ranger Keys are small, they feature an auto flip gimmick when the legs are slightly touched, replicating the effect in the show to a tee. The Morpher itself is a cell phone based Morpher. When unfolded it has a key slot in the middle where the key is inserted, the top will flip out, and the sound will be activated. The number pad is solid plastic, with the 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8 buttons all being one giant button that activates useless beeping noises. It’s also worth noting that the Morpher is quiet to the extreme until a key is inserted, supposedly to protect little kiddie ears. When compared to the Mobirates, the Legendary Morpher is thinner, smaller, with a much different screen thanks to the Legendary Morpher only folding in at the top as opposed to all sides. Due to the number pad not existing, the “codes” the Mobirates had obviously aren’t here, which is a little bit of a shame and limits the playability of the Legendary Morpher, as you now 100% NEED the keys to get to the team names. That being said, the Legendary Morpher does have a small number of phrases, a phrase for every PR team, as well as individual Ranger colors for the Super Megaforce team. More sounds can apparently be unlocked by using a full team of keys in succession. As it stands, while the sounds are limited compared to the Mobirates, or even the Gosei Morpher, the Legendary Morpher is a fun toy that has a lot of potential once more Ranger Keys are released. While most fans will flock to the Mobirates because “Japan is superiorz” and such, the Legendary Morpher does a good job of translating the Mobirates into the PR universe, and is clearly a must own for fans who are strictly fans of Power Rangers. For what it’s worth, I really like it.


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