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Review: Legendary Megazord (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Legendary Megazord
$32.99 at Toys R Us


For anyone who’s been following Power Rangers toys, it’s pretty easy to know what to expect from Bandai America’s Zord selection. We’re gonna get the Megazord, Zord Vehicles, and Bikes that all interact with the Zord Builder system. Super Megaforce is no exception, with the release of the Zord Builder compatible Legendary Megazord, the US take on Gokaioh from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. As with most Bandai America releases, what we end up getting is a set of Zords that overall rings very faithful to the Japanese counterparts, but obviously lacking in size and paint detailing. Another thing to note is that the “open” gimmick of Gokaioh has been removed in favor of adding Zord Builder ports to the front of the Zords to attach the upcoming pieces. The chest still swings down when a Ranger Key is inserted into the back. While I can see where some people might be upset, I was never a fan of the opening gimmick, so I find this to be a welcome change to the design that will hopefully streamline the looks of some of these combinations. The Legendary Megazord is quite a bit smaller, being the same size as the standard Megazords we have been getting, and quite a bit thinner than Gokaioh as well. The Legendary Megazord consists of the Super Mega Skyship Zord, Jet Zord, Racer Zord, Wheeler Zord, and Sub Zord. In Megazord Mode, there are a total of 12 accessible Zord Builder ports. While sticking leg or arm zords from them would look goofy, it does make for some fun combinations with things like the wings of Gosei Great Megazord, or the various bikes and Zord Vehicles that can use the ports. Say what you will about the “quality” of these toys, the Zord Builder feature is something fantastic for kids and collectors alike. Like the Joint Gattai series, I can’t count how much time I’ve wasted sitting here and building some deranged and weird combinations. With a function like this, it lets your imagination run wild, and that’s something really remarkable. Overall, it’s a great pick up for kids and collectors alike, especially if you have amassed quite the Zord Builder collection. Really fun.

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Also included is a clear red Super Megaforce Red Ranger Key. It’s the same ID as the normal one (PR-001) and plays the same exact sounds in the Legendary Morpher. Regardless, it’s neat that they packed an exclusive Key (as simple as it is) with the Legendary Megazord. It’s a fun little piece of the collection.

[youtube http://youtu.be/kSvhrYspVBo]

3 thoughts on “Review: Legendary Megazord (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)”

  1. It’s also a lot more expensive, so it comes down to what you can afford. There are a lot of features I think could have been included (the chest cannon could have been left in, but it’s instead part of separate toy), and the limbs feel REALLY hollow and light. But for $30 if it’s for a kid, it’s not bad. 8 year-old me would have loved it.

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