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Review: DX Gigant Bragi-Oh (Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)

DX Gigant Bragi-Oh
Retail Release – October, 2013 – ¥12,500

KyoryugerGigantBragioihGiga Gaburincho! Get your Bragigas from CSToys International!

The final Zyudenryu: Bragigas, the partner of Kyoryu Silver has arrived! He made his debut in October, 2013 for the whopping default price of…mixed. Stores were essentially able to set their own price, with HLJ showing ¥13,433, and CSToys retailing for ¥12,500. Regardless, included is the #10 Zyudenchi: Bragigas. Bragigas is a hulk of a Zyudenryu designed after a Brachiosaurus. decorated along the golden panels of Bragigas is the heads of the 13 Guardians, a really cool design choice. The 13 Guardian Zyudenchi can pop into the slots in his back. As long as one Zyudenchi is inserted into the red circle, the sound will activate. From here, you can press the button on his butt to cycle through the 13 Guardians attack sounds, a really cool bonus! With no Zyudenchi inserted, the button plays dinosaur sounds. Prop him up and flip some things around and you get Gigant Bragi-Oh, the humanoid form of Bragigas. More of the Guardian faces can be seen, which still looks cool. Bragigas’s neck and tail tip become an axe-tipped staff weapon. Overall, I just REALLY like his robot mode. From here, he can come apart and combine with Kyoryuzin, Parasagun, and Zakutor to form Gigant Kyoryuzin. While the formation looks pretty nice from the front, Bragigas’s body essentially becomes a giant backpack and that’s it. Kind of disappointing. Zakutor and Parasagun can pop off and the staff combined with the backpack to form a giant cannon. Pose this form with Parasagun, Zakutor, Ankydon, Bunpachy, Plezuon (toss in Tobaspino while you’re at it) along with the 13 Guardian Zyudenchi in the cannon to form a massive attack. While it takes a lot of display space, this is probably one of the cooler display options. While both forms of Gigant Kyoryuzin are rather subpar, Gigant Bragi-Oh looks fantastic with the other Zyudenryu bots, and Bragigas in dinosaur mode looks pretty awesome too. To top it off, if you have all 10 Zyudenryu, you have a place to store all 24 Zyudenchi, a pretty cool feature too. Overall, he’s a great pick up, but due to my opinion on Gigant Kyoryuzin, I just can’t recommend him at the normal retail price. If you can pick him up for ¥9,000 or lower, he’s a pretty decent pick up, but otherwise, hold out for a sale unless you’re neck deep in dinosaurs like I am. Rawr.


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