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Review: Digi-Fusion Loader (Digimon Fusion)

Digi-Fusion Loader
$19.99 from Target


At last, Bandai America’s Digimon Fusion line has arrived, hopefully giving us more product than the Xros Wars line did in Japan! First up we have our first rendition of the Fusion Loader: The Digi-Fusion Loader! If this toy isn’t your cup of tea, there will be a second Fusion Loader (available in both red and blue) that will have some sort of feature different than this one. The Digi-Fusion Loader was found at Target for only $19.99.

The base function of the Digi-Fusion Loader is a heat sensitive touch pad on the front of the device. The screen has 16 small sensors grouped in four hexagons, while the lower portion has five sensors arranged in a + around the dial. The sensors around the center sensor activate random sound effects, while the center activates a fusion sound. Hold the center down to activate the screen sensors. From here, if you have a 4-“Digit” Digi-Code, you can activate a sound. Alternatively, you can hit random symbols and see what sound you make. The toy also works with Digi-Cards. Slot in a card found in any of the Digimon Fusion toys! Each card has four hexagons printed in the artwork labeled 1-4. Hit them in order to activate the sound for that Digimon. Hold down the center sensor after a Digimon is reloaded to start a Digi-Fusion. Insert a second card, hit the four sensors, and repeat. Cards compatible with Digi-Fusion are often found written on the card itself.

Straight out of the box you’re capable of Shoutmon X2, Shoutmon X3, Drill Cannon, and Metal Greymon. The cards included are cards of Shoutmon, Ballistamon, Dorulumon, Greymon, and Mail Birdramon. More cards (like Starmons to make Shoutmon X4) can be found in other Digimon Fusion toys.

Overall, I like this a lot more than I anticipated! It looked really awful from the box, but once I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised. While it’s not a virtual pet, or an adventure game like the Japanese Xros Loader, it does make a great selection of sounds from the Digimon Fusion dub, and it’s nice to have a toy that can make the Fusions properly. When compared to previous Digivices, it falls kind of flat, but as a toy itself, it’s pretty fun. If you plan on getting most of the Digimon Fusion toys, you’re gonna have a lot of cards to use with this thing, and even if you aren’t, people who do have the cards can effectively pass along the Digi-Codes needed to make those sounds. Definitely worth the $19.99 in my opinion, especially for fans of the show.

[youtube http://youtu.be/FJ92SU66joI]


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