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Review: Digimon Fusion Mini Action Figures Series 1 (Digimon Fusion)

Digimon Fusion Mini Action Figures Series 1
$8.99 per 2-Pack from Target


Mini Figures have become a common thing in Bandai America’s toy lines. Power Rangers has them, Ben 10 has them, Thundercats had them, even Godzilla has them! Digimon Fusion won’t be left behind, so here we have the Mini Action Figures for Digimon Fusion. These (much like the Godzilla and Ben 10 versions) are sold in 2-Packs and retail for $8.99 a piece. Each figure is made from PVC and stands roughly 2″ tall give or take. The first group of sets include: Mikey and Shoutmon X4, Shoutmon and Ballistamon, Metal Greymon and Dorulumon, and Greymon and Mail Birdramon. Each set also comes with one Digi-Card. The Mikey/Shoutmon X4 set gives us the Starmons card, and with it, the ability to Digi-Fusion into Shoutmon X4! The Metal Greymon and Dorulumon set gives us a Metal Greymon card, meaning you don’t have to do the Digi-Fusion to hear his associated sound. Anyway, I absolutely adore these figures. I usually always collect these little chibi figures whenever Bandai releases them, and for Digimon it just works. There’s something about a super chibi Shoutmon X4 that I just love. Even Metal Greymon looks oddly adorable. The inclusion of Mikey as a figure is pretty neat too, as we haven’t had humans in a Digimon toy line for what feels like forever. If you were a fan of the really small collectible figures from the old days, these are a nice substitute for them in the Digimon Fusion line, and a product I much prefer. If you like all things cute, then this is the way to go. Can’t wait to see what other Digimon they bring us, as I really hope for a huge amount of variety in the line.


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