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Review: Zyudenchi Set DX (Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)

Zyudenchi Set DX
Retail Release – November, 2013 – ¥9,500

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This is something Premium Bandai would spit out in a heartbeat, but thanks to Kyoryuger’s fantastic toy sales, Zyudenchi Set DX saw a release retail wide in November, 2013 for ¥9,500. While it seems pricey at first, the set contains Zyudenchi 01-23, Carnival, Victory, and Maximum, for a total of 26 Zyudenchi in one package. To top it off, each of the Zyudenchi are covered in beautiful metallic paint to set them apart from the usual releases. The paint on these is simply gorgeous. If you’re a fan of Bandai’s usual metallic paint, you know what to expect, and it’s great. While they don’t function different than the normal Zyudenchi, the metallic paint is enough to set some collectors like myself over the edge. To make things even sweeter, the set contains one amazing looking package. The design alone is great, but it splits open in the middle (attached with velcro) to open up and reveal the 26 Zyudenchi, each with their number underneath it in the appropriate color. This set looks amazing on display, either with your RP toys, your mecha, or your eventual Kyoryuger S.H.Figuarts. While most collectors have the Zyudenchi already, this is still a great set to own, and having such a collector’s item released at retail is grand. The price may be steep, but collector’s items don’t come around often. Really great release.


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