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Review: DX Fourze & OOO Lock Seed Set and DX Wizard & W Lock Seed Set (Kamen Rider Gaim)

DX Fourze & OOO Lock Seed Set and DX Wizard & W Lock Seed Set
Retail Release – December, 2013 – ¥3,000 Each

LegendRiderLocksLock On! Get the Fourze & OOO Lock Seed Set from CSToys International!
Lock On! Get the Wizard & W Lock Seed Set from CSToys International!

Every year, every gimmick, we get some sort of integration with past Kamen Riders. Rider Memories, Rider Medals, Rider Switches, Rider Rings…and now we have the Legend Rider Lock Seeds. Like Fourze, the Legend Rider Lock Seeds actually got released in the DX format with the Fourze & OOO as well as the Wizard & W Lock Seed Sets. Now this release is a bit unique, in that these Lock Seeds were actually used to an extent we haven’t seen quite before. While Medals, Switches, and Rings all made appearances in films, the Lock Seeds are the first to actually do what they’re meant to do: Arms Changes. Zangetsu wields the Fourze Arms, Baron gets the OOO Arms, Gaim gets the Wizard Arms, and Ryugen gets the W Arms. The best part is, these were fully used in the Gaim & Wizard film, giving the characters all new Arms, meaning all new suits. Definitely neat. Each DX Legend Rider Lock Seed says “Legend Rider Battle Start!” “____ Win!” and “Try Again!” Not really neat, but still cool to have a take on the Inves Game sounds. The insides all feature the belt of each Kamen Rider, as well as the main gimmick from each show: Rocket Switch, Taka Medal, Flame Wizard Ring, and Joker Memory respectively. In the Sengoku Driver, each plays “___ Arms!” as well as a variation on their transformation sound (W, OOO), or the catchphrase belonging to the show (Fourze, Wizard) matching each Rider’s selected tone. Each Lock Seed has three different attacks, also mimicking an attack or phrase from each series. I LOVE THESE. I went into this show wanting to forgo any “Legend Rider” related things after being disappointed at Medals, Switches, and Rings. Fortunately, these blew me away. Gone are the times of forced gimmicks that don’t add a whole lot. Each Rider Lock Seed (even the Candy Toy and Gashapon releases) make full use of their source Rider, but mix it with the sound, tone, and vocals of the Riders from Gaim. It creates a unique blend of new and old that we haven’t seen before. If you’re a fan of these Riders, give these a go. Being DX releases, they have LEDS and built in sounds that line up with the Sengoku Driver perfectly, unlike the Candy Toy or Gashapon releases. The concept is great, the execution is even better, and these are just wonderful additions to any Lock Seed collection. Don’t pass these up.

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