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Review: DX Sonic Arrow and Lemon Energy Lock Seed (Kamen Rider Gaim)

DX Sonic Arrow and Lemon Energy Lock Seed
Retail Release – December, 2013 – ¥5,200

DXSonicArrowLock On! Get your Sonic Arrow from CSToys International!

Just like Gaim and Zangetsu had the Musou Saber, the Energy Riders (along with Gaim in his Jinba Lemon Arms) use the Sonic Arrow, a bow weapon that utilizes the power of the Energy Lock Seeds into a devestating final attack. It was released alongside the Genesis Driver in December, 2013 for ¥5,200. With no Lock Seed inserted, the Sonic Arrow’s trigger will play two different slashing sounds, since the Riders user it as a bladed weapon too. Pull back on the arrow to start the LED in the scope. When it is yellow, a weak attack will play, but when it is red, a stronger attack sill sound. When a Lock Seed is inserted, the trigger does nothing, while pulling back on the arrow will start the final attack. At any time, let go to fire. A weaker version, still utilizing the “___ Energy!” sound can be done anytime after this. Older Lock Seeds can be used, but the timing of the sounds is tailored to the Musou Saber, so it doesn’t sound all that great. Of course, the Lemon Energy Lock Seed included can be used with any of the older toys, and is a must have for any Gaim fan, as it is used for Gaim’s latest form, Jinba Lemon Arms. The Jinba coming from Jinbaori, the coat worn by warriors during the Sengoku Era. Just like the Musou Saber, it’s a weapon that is recommended mostly for the Lock Seed included. While it is fun, and I like the Musou Saber a lot more, as it functions with the Daidaimaru as well, and has a little bit more appeal. Despite that, it’s still fun, albeit really small.

[youtube http://youtu.be/9fKyUwKuYBE]

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