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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – Xerneas & Yveltal Collections

Pokémon TGG – Xerneas Collection & Yveltal Collection
$19.97 each from Walmart


Figure pack ins are a rather common thing in these Pokémon TCG packs, and Xerneas and Yveltal finally get their time in the limelight with the Xerneas and Yveltal Collections. Each collection costs $19.99 at most major retailers, with pricing varying from store to store. Each collection includes four Booster Packs (1 from Legendary Treasures, 3 from XY), a Xerneas or Yveltal promo card, and a Xerneas or Yveltal figurine. The figurines, as normal, are absolutely beautiful. Between the four packs, the promo, and the really great looking figure, $19.99 is an easy price to swallow. While you could be plagued with really bad packs, as long as you’re in it for the figure and the promo, it’s worth a purchase regardless. I honestly really love the figures.

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